21 Fluffy Animals That Are Cuddlier Than a Plush Toy


When Agnes, the little girl from Despicable Me, got her famous fluffy unicorn and started shouting, “It’s so fluffy, I’m gonna die!” she gave us the perfect line to describe the feeling when a cute, furry, fuzzy animal comes our way. The basic rule of cuteness goes like this: the fluffier the cuter.

At Bright Side we cannot resist this fluffy adorableness. That’s why we made this collection of the fuzziest animals in the animal kingdom. Spoiler alert: you’re going to wanna squeeze them.

1. Squeeze me like there’s no tomorrow.

© unknown / tumblr

2. Pallas cats are the kings and queens of Fluffy Kingdom.

© sekspyz / imgur

3. Have you hugged your chicken today?

© freddanswe / reddit

4. Those big balls of fluff!

© cas2ie / reddit

5. I have no words for this Bunny King.

© unknown / imgur

6. “Look! A bear cub trapped in a puppy’s body.”

© unknown / imgur

7. This white fluffiness with a beak

© geralforum.com

8. Samson, a beautiful 11-month-old ragdoll

© chlobo3313 / reddit

9. And this cutie pie that just wants you for the cuddles.

© unknown / tumblr

10. This Polish buff laced chicken

© etherealstasis / reddit

11. “Nobody puts Teddy Bear Baby in the corner!”

© unknown / reddit

12. And now here’s Milla, the Fluffy Cat.

13. Doggie the Floof

© unknown / imgur

14. “Sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite this cute bunny.”

© unknown / reddit

15. I’ll be here, waiting for my squeeze.

© unknown / tumblr

16. “It looks so soft!”

© Hellsong26 / reddit

17. Can’t stop laughing with this anti-stress fur ball.

© missmood / imgur

18. Fluffiness loading… 100%!

© unknown / tumblr

19. The Dog King of Winter

© unknown / tumblr

20. Then there’s also this bunny, with the cutest paw you’ll ever see!

© theonethatgotbanned / imgur

21. The cuteness journey never ends.

© Toothless168 / reddit

We hope that you’ve made it through to the end without losing it because of all the fluffiness! Which of the fuzzy fellas would you take home to cuddle with? Share your fluffy pets along with your thoughts in the comments.

Preview photo credit millathecat / instagram, theonethatgotbanned / imgur