A Plucky Hyena Was Photographed Sinking its Teeth into a Lioness’s Behind


A successful wildebeest hunt for breakfast. One plucky hyena had other ideas.

The hungry hyena was photographed biting a lioness’s tail. As she tried to defend her kill at Naboisho Conservancy.

The lioness appeared to roar out in pain. As the hyena’s sharp teeth sank into her behind.

The wildebeest’s huge carcass was surrounded of hungry animals. All Animal wanted their share of meat. They were prepared to take on a eight. Leader hyena strong pride of lions to get it.
Hyenas, jackals and even some vengeful wildebeest.

The fascinating photographs show the normal hierarchy of the animal kingdom called into question.

Eyewitness Alun James described the scene as a ‘high stakes game of poker’ in which ‘the lions blinked first’.

‘The two young adolescent males unable to support the mature lionesses in a hand of buffalo bluff,’ he said.

‘The cats were driven off. The hyenas advanced like Russian ‘Ultras’: ripping into the carcass with uncontrolled glee,’ Mr James recalled.

The eldest female lioness with a fresh wound on her thigh did not give up a spare rib for anyone but she was not allowed to eat in peace, as buffalo bulls surrounded and watched her devour her kill.

After an hour the older pride male arrived and scared off the rest of the animals so the lions could enjoy their food.

‘The fighting lost its conviction. The buffalos shuffled away with the odd baleful glance over the shoulder; the hyenas and jackals dispersed to the edge of the battle zone. And the lions finally had their meal, albeit not as full a breakfast as had earlier been promised,’ Mr James said.

By: daily mail