The Moment a Pack of Hungry Hyenas went Head-to-Head with a Pair of Lions


Hyenas went head-to-head with a pair of lions. It try to steal their dinner.

Dramatic pictures taken in the Masai Mara. Those pictures show the feared predators squaring up. As they battle over a zebra the lions had killed.

The lions were eventually able to enjoy their meal in peace. But the hyenas did not go hungry for long with images. They show one using its powerful jaws to capture a young gazelle.
German photographer Ingo Gerlach took the powerful images. It witness the brutal side of nature.

The experienced photographer was alerted to the sound of roars and growls.
He said: ‘I could hear roaring from afar. But I didn’t know the reason for the noise. After crossing a small hill with my off road-vehicle. I found the source of all the noise.

‘I noticed a dead zebra with two lions standing by it surrounded by numerous howling and shrieking hyenas.’

After picking up the scent of the zebra. The hyenas surrounded the lions hoping to use their considerable numbers to intimidate them away from the kill.
But despite their numerical advantage the hyenas struggled to steal the kill away from the pair of lions.

Ingo said: ‘The lioness and a hyena were in front of my vehicle. The lioness’ facial expression was completely indifferent to the hyenas’ attack, however you could see the fear and horror on the face of the hyena.’ He added: ‘The lions were already noticeably full, nevertheless, they did not want to give up the zebra. They always chased off the hyenas.’

With each failed attempt at taking the zebra only serving to make the lions more agitated, the hyena pack were forced to find food elsewhere.