The Tiger Had a Good Sniff of the Bag


Tiger walked off with their camera. The couple had been taking a safari. Their safari vehicle had swerved. After it spotted the female predator.
This resulted in the camera bag dropping onto. The bag being a few yards away from the jeep full. The tiger approached it to investigate.

Photographer Dipankar Mazumdar witnessed the moment. He began taking these incredible pictures. He said the tiger approached the bag with caution. Tiger began sniffing it.
He said: ‘The owner of the bag, an elderly foreign couple watched with anxiety, worried for the safety of the video camera and the memory cards contained in the bag.

‘Knowing the nature of this tigress, we were expecting her not to give up in a hurry. She turned the bag around with her paws, gave it another smell over, and paused for a moment as if pondering her next step before using her 3 inch canines to firmly grasp the bag.

She posed with her prize for the benefit of the jeeps present on the spot before turning around and rapidly walking away into the forest.

‘Deeper into the forest, we could catch glimpses of her using her teeth and paws to investigate into the contents of her prize.’

At this point, daylight was fading and the group had to head back to the park gates, with the couple resigned to losing their prized-possession to the tiger.

However, the bag was found the following morning and apart from some teeth and claw marks, its content were completely undamaged.

Source: Daily Mail