The Two Kangaroos Brawling with Each Other on the Appropriately


The Horn and Pacquiao inspired for kangaroos. They fight to go tail-to-tail in their own boxing bout.

The muscle-bound marsupials scrapping it out under a blanket of mist. That they hang over a field in Currumbin Valley.

A Gold Coast City Council officer captured the true-blue scrap. This is posted it on social media. Where it racked up 50,000 views.
Thought the big fight was on tomorrow night?’’ wrote one commenter.

‘Where was this advertised? The Marsupial RSL?’ wrote another.

There’s plenty of grace to the scuffle with both roos. They kicked each other with force. The roos are also seen wrestling and grabbing one another viciously in a bid to be the dominant male.

The roos are seen using powerful back legs for leaping, with a long muscular tail for balance. Male kangaroos fight when faced with competitive situations such as a female, so it is likely this duel was romantically fuelled.

The fight is broken up with a few tense stare-downs between blows as they each plot their next move. Traffic was only able to continue proceeding once the kangaroos took their rumble off the road and into the bush nearby. It is not yet known what the kangaroos’ disagreement was regarding.

By: daily mail